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fire safety at home

Fire Safety at home


One room 5 minutes

All rooms 35 minutes

radio waves

AI voice



Handtracking 2.0.

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Application description:

The App consists of 6 seperate rooms in which different home hazards are presented. In each room we experience a dangerous situation and our objective is to prevent it or address it:

1.Boys room – the use of a fire extinguisher, danger through sunlight focusing through magnifing glass.

2.Grandpas room – smoking cigarettes, smoke detectors.

3.Living room  - fire of an open fire place, candle hazards.

4.Girls room – fire hazards from electrical appliances.

5.Cellar – fire hazards from solid fuels.

6.Dads room – we see a roof fire at a neighbours house – notifing the fire service over 112.

vr application
vr application
vr application
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VR applications available on the platform

We are constantly working on new applications. Every month there is a new application or an update to the existing ones
All apps available for Oculus Quest PRO and Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 3
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fire safety at home
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