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Here you will find materials on the configuration of the goggles, installation and use of the application
Below are videos in Polish. We encourage you to visit our YouTube channel where you can also find tutorials in English.


EHS VR apps and Oculus

Installing the app on the Quest 2

Start with this video once you've purchased a VR headset and a meta account.

Don't know how to turn on the goggles and create a meta account? , click here.

1. Register click here

2. Confirm your registration in your email inbox

3. Log in and create an organization click here 

4. Send us the email associated with the glasses (meta account), you will receive an invitation to use our apps.

5. You will receive an invitation within 24 hours, if you need to receive an invitation faster, call us at +48 509 580 927

6. You will receive an invitation to the email from point 4, confirm the invitation by clicking on the link

7. Open the glasses, click on the My Apps icon. 


The launch of the goggles

Developer mode


Screen Sharing- Chromecast

Sharing the view from Quest glasses to TV

How to start

How to start with VR applications?

First Login

Which account should I use?

Screen Sharing- Phone

Sharing the view - Computer

How to share your screen view on computer

Exception Permission Required


Centering the image

Organization of group trainings

Organization of training in a large group using image transmission. Before starting the training, we recommend printing labels with the goggles' serial number, which will allow you to identify the goggles on the tablet. In the video you will find step-by-step instructions.

Goggle templates with space for a serial number

How to report bugs in your app

A quick way to report bugs in your application.

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