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Test at your company

We provide the goggles for application testing free of charge and without any obligations!

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people used the test in 2021
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How is the test performed?

1. Send the application for the test (using the form below)
2. We put you on the waiting list. We have 10 test goggles that enable customer testing. Usually, it takes 1-3 weeks from reporting to shipping the goggles. 
3. When we have goggles available, we contact you to determine availability and confirm shipment.
4. Our courier delivers the goggles to the address provided.
5. You have a week to test the applications. In order to use the goggles efficiently, we provide information materials and we are on the phone / Zoom / Teams to guide you through the test. 
6. After the test time has elapsed, we send our courier to pick up the goggles

All shipping costs are on our side. 
The test is without obligation, you can check the applications and decide if this form of training is suitable for your company. 

Why is it worth using? 

We have over 15 applications that vary from 5 to 30 minutes. During the test, you have the option to test each application at your own pace several times. 

During the test, you can organize a trial training for employees and check how the training is received in virtual reality. 

The offered test is a test of the new technology in the field of training. See for yourself what virtual reality, hand tracking or voice recognition looks like - the technologies that are used in our applications. 


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the entire test free and there are no hidden costs?

Yes, the entire test and everything related to it is free. We cover the costs of shipping and collecting the VR goggles.

2. Do I have to buy a license after the test?

The test is non-binding and is designed to check the application and learn about VR technology in your own company.

3. What if I do not know goggles and have not had contact?

We have prepared instructional materials in the form of videos that
  lead you through all the steps you need to take. 
We use Oculus Quest 2 goggles, which are very intuitive to use, and our applications do not require technical skills. We use our own  hands to control and movements are similar to those we do every day . 
Additionally, we are available by phone / Zoom / Teams and we are happy to help :) 

4. What if I am not at work when it is my turn to ship the goggles?

Before shipping the goggles, we contact you and confirm the date. We can always change it in case of different circumstances.

5. Can I show applications to others?

Yes, you can show your colleagues , superiors, you can organize a trial training for employees.

6. If my goggles break, do I pay for the repair?

No, the goggles are insured and we will take care of the complaint / repair.

7. What do I need for the test?

Free space , preferably 3 x 3 meters, to calmly take a step in each direction.
Wifi - can be from the phone - no high-speed connection required
Phantom (or pillow) - in the First Aid app you will need to perform compressions. It is best to perform them on a phantom. if
  he is gone, we can  perform compressions, e.g. on a pillow  or finally in the air. 

8. What fatom works with VR First Aid applications?

Anyone available on the market. The applications are programmed so that you do not have to buy a special phantom.

9. How long does the test take?

The test lasts for 7 days. In some cases, we can extend the test by several days.

10. What does the return of the goggles look like?

Before the end of the test, we send shipping documents to be attached to the package with the goggles. The courier arrives and picks up the package.

11. What courier will deliver the package?

We work with most couriers, incl. Inpost, DHL, DPD, FedEx and more. We choose the courier because of the speed and convenience of delivery.

12. Is it possible to ship the goggles outside Poland?

Yes, we ship the goggles all over Europe.


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