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VR applications available on the platform

We are constantly working on new applications. Every month there is a new application or an update to the existing ones
All apps available for Oculus Quest 1 and Oculus Quest 2
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First Aid BLS and AED VR
The tasks set before us will be a huge challenge and an interesting experience. In the training you will learn how to deal with: cuts, fractures, resuscitation, AED. The application is integrated with the phantom for compressions
Fire training VR
During the training, you will receive a simple task - to evacuate the burning building. During the training you will solve a number of tasks. Thanks to this, you will learn how a hydrant, fire extinguisher, ROP work and what to do when you notice a fire. The app also includes a kitchen fire scenario. The application is perfect for fire training. but also during periodic and initial training.
VR Forklifts
You play the role of a new employee who goes to the company. During your working day you meet a rather nervous boss and two friendly colleagues. The boss gives you 10 different tasks to complete. The subject of the application is the issues necessary to prepare the operator for UDT exams.
Identification of hazards in production
In the application, you play the role of an employee who enters the production area. There are many activities going on around here, working machines, workers, and forklifts. The player's task is to identify threats and perform actions that will eliminate the risk.
First aid for burns
Thanks to our application you will learn 4 basic methods of extinguishing: snow extinguisher, powder extinguisher, hydrant, fire blanket. In addition, you will learn how to properly perform first aid for burns, what dressing to choose and how to apply it, and what tools will be necessary. You will learn methods of assessing the extent of burns; the "stop, drop and roll" self-extinguishing method, you will learn for which groups of fires the snow extinguisher is intended.
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Work at heights
In progress.
The premiere in 2021
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Evacuation: jump cushion
You are in a skyscraper, it is starting to burn. It is not possible to escape through the door. What are you doing? At the bottom, firefighters have set up a jump cushion. You just have to jump.
FIRE: Fire extinguishers and groups of fires
What extinguisher for which fire - this is the basic question we have when trying to extinguish a fire. In the application you get to know groups of fires and you have the opportunity to participate in the firefighting action.
Escape from a building via a ladder

You are in a skyscraper, it is starting to burn. It is not possible to escape through the door. What are you doing?

In the application, we must use home equipment to break the window, exit and evacuate through a fireman's ladder.

FIRE: extinguishing oil
A situation that can happen to anyone while cooking and not only. 
A fire appears in the pan with oil and you, as a participant in the event, have to put out the fire. In the application you learn how to act correctly and you can check what will happen if you do not act correctly. 
First Aid in a public place
First aid training with the use of VR glasses. After putting on the glasses, we move in the area of 2 meters performing life-saving activities. During the training, we give voice commands and conduct CPR. We can connect any phantom to the glasses that will turn into a virtual human inside the glasses.
FIRE: Escape from a building via a ladder

"Chad" is invisible and odorless, so how do you present him in a game for kids? Undoubtedly, this is the evil hero that all of us have heard of. We have made an attempt to visualize in the new application. The application starts in a bathroom with faulty ventilation, our hero is made of a gas heater.

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First Aid during the match
The action of the application takes place in the stadium. The goalkeeper falls over during the penalty shot. You have to find out what is going on and save him.
Fire protection application at home
How to behave at home during a fire? The application will allow you to learn procedures, techniques and get to know useful information on what to do in such a situation. 
Fire hydrant extinguishing

A hydrant is one of the  basic  extinguishing tools. Thanks to the application, you will learn how to start a fire hydrant and put out a fire. 

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Work in confined spaces
In progress. The premiere in 2021
In progress. The premiere in 2021
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Hook operator
In progress. The premiere in 2021

First Aid BLS and AED VR

Application dedicated to first aid training, made in accordance with the guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council. During the game, we earn points for correct behavior and badges for correctly completing all challenges. The application is integrated with every phantom available on the market, so when performing rescue compressions, we see the results of actions in the goggles.

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Fire training VR

Application dedicated to training in the field of key elements during an evacuation,

with the possibility of personalization for a given company. During the game, we earn points for correct behavior, while reading the fire safety instructions

in an accessible and modern way.

Thanks to the new technology and the cooperation of specialists in the field of firefighting and virtual reality, we have developed a tool that allows us to simulate the conditions in a burning building.

The application was developed on the basis of the British Standard and presents two scenarios:

• How to behave when you see a fire?

• What to do when you hear a fire alarm?



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VR Forklifts

Preparation for the UDT exam. Application developed on the basis of theoretical questions from the UDT exam.

Now you can prepare your employees for the theoretical exam in an accessible way using the VR application.

Th. 1 Duration approximately 25 minutes.

• Documentation of forklifts (according to UDT)

• Qualifications and time periods (in accordance with UDT)

• Technical requirements for forks (in accordance with UDT

o Check forks wear.

o Check the wear of the tabs

o Check the surfaces for cracks

o Check the bends of the knife and fork shaft

o Check the fork angle

o Check tip alignment

o Check the fork protection

o Check the marking of the forks

• Driving simulator - loading loads