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Safety Day Event

Safety day using virtual reality

VR gamification, i.e. a safety day using virtual reality

Safety Day is a great way to engage employees and improve their safety awareness. Thanks to VR technology, there are also new opportunities for involvement through applications related to health and safety, fire and first aid. People put on VR goggles and go through the application, so they are 100% focused on the virtual reality experience. The application can also be used as one of the competitions in competitions in which participants earn points while passing dedicated training stations. Thanks to the results recording system, a winner can be determined quickly. There should be an instructor at each station to discuss the task, take care of safety, discuss the application and select the best player.
An event with VR goggles can count up to 5 positions. The number of glasses depends on how many people participate in the competition. Below is a brief description of the individual stations.
VR applications offer many opportunities for employee involvement and will never leave the participant without thinking about safety. Thanks to the real situations faced by players, we increase the probability of correct behavior in an emergency.
According to research, VR applications increase the memorability of the presented training material up to 7 times, so it is worth trying and using this technology to support safety in your own workplace.

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