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Safety Day Event

Safety day using virtual reality

VR gamification, i.e. a safety day using virtual reality

VR applications offer many opportunities for employee involvement and will never leave the participant without thinking about safety. Thanks to the real situations faced by players, we increase the probability of correct behavior in an emergency.
According to research, VR applications increase the memorability of the presented training material up to 7 times, so it is worth trying and using this technology to support safety in your own workplace.

Premium Offers

  • The number of goggles depends on the package

  • Access to all VR apps (30+)

  • Support from a member of our team who will conduct VR training during Safety Day

  • Technical assistance

Standard offer

  • Rental of one pair of goggles for one week

  • Access to all applications (30+)

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ehs vr why opinion

Why is it worth using VR in training?

by PwC research report, VR Study 2020


Learn employees faster



Employees are more confident in implementing new knowledge
in practice



More engaged employees during training


Employees are more focused
Always the same substantive level of training
You know exactly what progress your employees are making

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