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VR Social Education

VR applications dedicated to educating children, adolescents and adults in the field of fire protection and First Aid. 

Apps that support activities in social education!

fire safety at home vr

Fire  Safety at home


One room 5 minutes

All rooms 35 minutes

radio waves

AI voice



Handtracking 2.0.


Play Area


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App Description:

The application consists of seven independent rooms that showcase fire hazards in the home. In each room, we will experience a dangerous situation and our task is to act preventively to avoid the hazard:

1. Boy's Room – Handling of the fire extinguisher and the danger of light being focused through a magnifying glass.

2. Grandad's Room – Smoking cigarettes in the house and the presence of a smoke detector.

3. Living Room  - Fire from an open fireplace and the dangers posed by candles.

4. Girl's Room – Fire hazards from electrical devices.

5. Basement Fire hazards which can occur when using equipment running on solid fuels.

6. Dad's Room – We see a roof fire at our neighbour's house – notifying the emergency services at 112.

7. Kitchen – Hazards in the kitchen, including fires and burns

Watch the video:

Test at your company

Apps are available for  Oculus Quest 2. We can provide a VR headset for demo. Just let us know and we will adjust timing. Testing headset is available within Europe at the moment.
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