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part I:   10 minutes 

part II:  10 minutes 

part III: 10 minutes 

part IV: 10 minutes 

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Stationary net (recommended)

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Handtracking 2.0.

Specialized health and safety training for workers 
Forklift trucks

Forklift Safety Training is one of the many innovative VR applications offered on our platform. Does your employee know how to recognize wheel damage? Does he or she know what their causes are? Every year, many forklift-related accidents are due to a lack of proper safety procedures and employees' lack of understanding of key issues. Our training focuses on reducing this risk by providing the practical skills and knowledge necessary to safely operate forklifts in the context of an industrial environment. All training takes place in a highly immersive virtual world. With our app, you will encourage your employee to receive effective forklift safety training and prepare them with the issues required for the UDT exam.

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Where will training in virtual reality be useful?


On-the-job training


Periodic occupational health and safety training


Occupational health and safety thematic instructions


Initial occupational health and safety training

Training program

The training consists of 4 independent modules

Module time ~ 10 minutes

Training time ~ 40 minutes




Fork Check

  • During these exercises, we learn the health and safety rules related to driving a forklift - from the process of getting in, through brake control, to movement. Our goal is to move the cargo to a specific place, which takes place in the warehouse


Load Measurements

  • This module is devoted to issues related to fork lifting capacity - important from the point of view of the UDT exam

  • A module that familiarizes us with all aspects related to forks - necessary for the UDT exam


Tire Check

  • The next module focuses on issues related to wheels and tires used in forklifts. After completing the training, the participant should be able to recognize tire damage and know its potential causes.


Sefety Day 

Organize safety days in virtual reality


We offer initial and periodic health and safety training with the possibility of obtaining a certificate


Follow the instructions at any time


Training tailored to employees of each industry

Team Building

Use VR technology for team building and collaboration

Diversification of Training

Add variety to your training with a variety of scenarios

Join the innovators

A platform used by many small and large businesses, including:
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