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bls solo training

First Aid Training AED & BLS


Training 15 minutes

Test 15 minutes

radio waves

AI voice



Training dummy recognition 


Handtracking 2.0.


Play Area  


Application description:

The App consists of two lessons which the player must accomplish: Training and Test. 
TRENING  – – in this training we learn the procedure to handle a sudden cardiac arrest. It happens at an industrial site. Our objective is to asses the conciousness, breathing, call emergency personell and conducting the cpr with aed. In the app we train the scenario when we are alone so alĺ activities have to be done personaly (see next slide the first aid in the subway where we act in a group). App is compatible with every trainings dummy avalible on the market.

TEST – every player can prove himself and take the tes. It is a cardiac arrest scenario without the hints of the lector. There are additional hindrances such as danger for the rescuer, virtual people distracting the rescuer. At the end we get a summary of our activities.

Firs Aid
Fisrt Aid
Fisrt Aid
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VR applications available on the platform

We are constantly working on new applications. Every month there is a new application or an update to the existing ones
All apps available for Oculus Quest PRO, Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 3
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