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Update of the Fire Safety Training, Fire Safety at Home application

We regularly update our training to provide you with the best user experience. Recently, we've been making improvements to two more apps almost every week. Last week (Friday, April 5, 2024) we focused on: Fire Safety at Home and Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety At Home - New version number

  • We have now added markers in rooms that make it easier to select courses by showing which lessons have already been completed.

  • In several cases, we have made changes to the appearance of portals leading to other realities, which now better reflect a variety of situations.

  • Speech detection when talking to the dispatcher has also been improved.

Fire Safety Training - New version number 1.6.6

  • In "Escape My House", we changed the appearance of smoke above the player's head and fire particle effects

  • Chad's effects have been improved in "Carbon Monoxide".

  • Some bugs have been fixed

fire safety vr

We encourage you to follow our updates, where we regularly inform you about the corrections introduced.

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