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Revolution in training: VR as a breakthrough alternative to expensive specialized occupational health and safety training

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If training is expensive, access to specialists is limited, and regular training is necessary, e.g. every year in the case of particularly dangerous work, the use of VR technology may be a solution to the problem, even if the trainer does not have specialist knowledge in a given field

In today's entry, I would like to discuss a topic that may be crucial for many companies struggling with the lack of experienced staff to conduct specialist training, such as working at heights, operating forklifts or Lockout Tagout procedures. Many organizations face the challenge of finding experts in these fields or incurring the enormous costs of hiring external companies to provide this type of training. Fortunately, there is an innovative solution that can help companies solve these problems - the use of virtual reality (VR) technology.

Traditional specialized training often requires the presence of experienced trainers who are experts in a given field. However, by purchasing a license for VR applications, the company can conduct training even without the need to have such a trainer. All the company needs to do is purchase an appropriate VR application and an occupational health and safety specialist will be able to conduct training, for example on working at heights.

Organizing traditional specialist training may not only be expensive, but also logistically complicated. It often requires hiring external companies, planning dates and paying for each participant separately. Thanks to the use of VR technology, the costs become one-time and the company can train countless employees. There is no longer any need to wait for the right date or pay for each person separately.

With specialized training, such as Lockout Tagout, forklift operation or working at heights in the form of VR applications, the company can achieve many benefits. For example, in the case of production hazards or Lockout Tagout procedures, there is no need to interrupt production to conduct training. The entire training can take place in virtual reality, which provides much greater flexibility and time savings for the company.

VR training is not only more effective than traditional presentations, but also more engaging for employees. Thanks to handtracking technology and the ability to interact using one's own hands, the employee can feel as if he or she were in a realistic world, which increases the effectiveness of acquiring knowledge and skills.

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health and safety training

health and safety training

To sum up, the use of virtual reality technology in specialized training may be a breakthrough solution for companies that are struggling with the problem of lack of experienced staff to conduct training and the high costs of organizing traditional training. This innovative approach not only reduces costs, but also provides greater flexibility and efficiency in the training process.

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