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Organizing VR occupational health and safety training outdoors and extending battery life for the entire event

VR goggles and the sun

Thanks to the beautiful weather that has been with us for a long time, we can move the training from the worn-out training room to fresh air. The Meta Quest 3 goggles will come to the rescue, as they work without any problems in direct sunlight, unlike the Meta Quest 2 goggles. For the training participants, receiving instruction outdoors will certainly be a nice change from spending time indoors.

The possibility of conducting occupational health and safety training outdoors is an excellent opportunity to use goggles during events such as Safety Days, company picnics, Firefighter's Day and many others. Educational fun in the virtual world will be perfect entertainment.

When organizing such training, you do not have to worry about using a monitor or projector. All you need to do is provide participants with goggles. However, if we want to monitor their results or have a preview of the game, it is worth using the screen display function on a smartphone or tablet. Here I refer you to instructions on how to share the screen view

How to organize, for example, an 8-hour training without having to return to the office to charge the goggles? We have several ways!

  • Turn on battery saver in your goggles

  • Make sure all goggles are 100% charged before training.

  • Use more than one pair of goggles for training

  • Get additional accessories (a special strap with a battery for training), which are available from our Sales Specialist.

What are special battery straps for training?

We have introduced additional charging accessories to our offer to better respond to the needs of our customers and enable them to conduct long training sessions outdoors or in places where charging the goggles is impossible. We have two types of straps for both Meta Quest 2 and Quest 3 goggles, which extend the goggles' operating time by an additional 2 hours. Additionally, we offer replaceable batteries that provide another 2 hours of operation, which allows for a total of 6 hours of continuous use of one pair of goggles. For an 8-hour event, two pairs of goggles with straps and batteries are best, which will allow for 8 hours of work without breaks.

If you want to conduct a Safety Day with our goggles or are interested in additional charging accessories, please contact our sales team

Charging accessories -

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