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Organization of training for many people using image transmission - Meta Quest goggles

VR training

Help for more effective training - marking goggles with a serial number. In the article below you will learn how to find the serial number of your device and create a personalized sticker for your goggles. Of course, we will also explain why this simple procedure plays a key role in organizing training for a larger number of people.

The lack of a serial number on the goggles may prove to be a problem during training - Here is a solution

During the training, we noticed that a problem often arose - how to help a participant who needed the help necessary to complete the training. The training staff had several options to choose from. The trainer, who knew our applications well, could find out what the problem was through an interview and try to provide support to the participant. However, this required deep knowledge of all applications in detail and a precise interview, because not every participant would be able to describe exactly what the problem was. Another option was to put on the goggles in person to see what the problem was, provide help, and then recalibrate the device to suit the trainee.

Some trainers have found that it can be helpful to transmit the image from the problem user's goggles to the trainer's tablet (image transmission). However, to do this, they needed to find the serial number of the device, which is located inside the goggles. Also in this case it was necessary to remove the goggles. All these procedures took time, disrupted the flow of training, required in-depth knowledge of the application and often caused frustration.

In order to improve the participant identification process, we have developed a solution in the form of stickers with a serial number to be placed on the goggles. The stickers are available for download as a PDF file and will be used when transmitting the image to the tablet. Thanks to this, the trainer can mark the goggles with appropriate serial numbers in advance. Now, when providing support, all you need to do is look at the participant's goggles, find the serial number on them, find the appropriate goggle number on the tablet, and share the image on the device. (Step-by-step instructions on how to transmit an image can be found in the text below). This is the most effective solution that allows the trainer to see what the training participant sees and provide quick advice or help.

How to find the serial number and generate a sticker - Step by step instructions

Preparing stickers with the serial number

1. Download your device serial numbers from the oculus website. You can find your Meta Quest 2 serial number by logging into and visiting ➡️


2. Copy the number and place it on the attached template, then print it on self-adhesive paper. ➡️

Download PDF • 2.03MB

visualization of a sticker for goggles

visualization of a sticker for goggles

3. Reveal the glasses serial number. On the left side of the headset, gently pull the strap connector away from the headset until it pops out. The serial number of the goggles is located under the QR code (download the photo where the serial number is located) ➡️



4. Once you have the number of the glasses visible, stick stickers with numbers on the front of the glasses, making sure that the sticker does not cover the cameras.


Before training


1 . Connect your glasses and tablet to one network


During training


1. Approach the participant who requires support,


2. Launch the Meta Oculus application on your tablet, then expand the list of devices.


3. Read the serial number from the front of the device


4. Find the appropriate number on your tablet


5. Click broadcast


6. Tell the trainee what he or she should do.

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