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Jump Cushion - safety comes first

The new update includes a text and voice message informing the person undergoing training how to behave while jumping on a jump cushion .

Remember, the health and safety of people undergoing training is the most important thing. When simulating a jump on a jump cushion, always belay the person undergoing the training.

How to download the update?

To get the update, start the glasses, select the Jump Cushion application, after selecting the application, the message will be displayed Do you want to download the update? click update. Then the application will download and install automatically.

After launching the application, you need to log in, this is the first login, only required once. You must use the same password and login as for your account

During logging in, we use the oculus keyboard, after entering the login, confirm on the keyboard according to the video, then enter the password and also confirm on the oculus keyboard. Then press the Sign In button.

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