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First Aid Cut Wound app update

In the First Aid Cut Wound app, we have made visual changes that make the app more realistic and immersive by modifying the appearance of the environment. We took care to reproduce detailed injuries, such as "bleeding" and the possibility of getting the gloves "dirty" (this effect will certainly be appreciated by the players!). Realistic injuries can help trainees literally feel the role of a first responder, and the sight of realistic blood can be memorable, which will increase their subsequent concern for their own safety, which in turn results in greater caution and attention. Unfortunately, simulations or role-playing do not always allow us to assess how a training participant will react in a threat situation. Our applications try to reflect crisis situations as accurately as possible.

Version before:

Version after:

What other changes have been made?

  • We have added a task in which players must apply a bandage to the injured person's head wound

  • We've made minor tweaks to interaction with game elements to make the experience even smoother and more enjoyable, and eliminated a few bugs.

  • After logging in for the first time, the application will not download files on each of the next three launches.

  • We have accelerated the download speed of translation files.

  • We have changed the position of the course start button in the menu so that it does not overlap with the language selection button.

We encourage you to follow our blog, where we regularly add posts about the following updates.

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