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How VR occupational health and safety training solved the problem of EHS Consulting

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EHS Consulting provides a number of services related to Occupational Health and Safety. They offer numerous services, including: initial, periodic, fire protection training. For a long time, they have also been using our Virtual Reality training applications during their training - why?

We conducted a short interview with Mrs. Agnieszka Kuźmicka - CEO of EHS Consulting, in order to learn her position on VR training.


Traditional training, especially in the field of fire protection (PPOŻ) or occupational health and safety (OHS), places many important requirements on the organizers, which must be strictly observed to ensure the safe course of classes for participants. EHS Consulting, having experience in the industry, faced various challenges in organizing these trainings. These include:

  • Difficulties with organizing firefighting classes - they required providing appropriate space, equipment, setting dates and the presence of appropriate trainers.

  • Attractiveness of training - Demanding customers were looking for attractive training in which their employees would participate with greater commitment

  • Organization of evacuation - Renting a large area outside the building in order to conduct, for example, evacuation training

  • High costs - hiring appropriate trainers, renting buildings and equipment generated high costs and slowed down the training period, as it was necessary to organize all the necessary training elements in a timely manner

Why did EHS Consulting choose Virtual Reality technology for occupational health and safety / fire protection and First Aid training?

The idea to use VR technology for training arose while looking for solutions to diversify training to make it more attractive. Therefore, the entire team decided that this technology would be appreciated by the most demanding customers. However, it quickly became obvious that VR did not solve only the problem of attractiveness of training - but also other challenges that EHS Consulting had faced so far.

Solution and results

EHS Consulting underwent free application tests - after which it decided to buy 2 pairs of Meta Quest goggles and purchase the Professional package, which entitles it to have all our applications.

Thanks to VR technology, it is now possible to conduct firefighting and evacuation classes - in any conditions and at any time. Just put on goggles and mark a small space in the room to realistically experience the process of extinguishing a fire or evacuating from a burning building and experience it firsthand. It is no longer necessary to depend on renting an area, weather, equipment and people to conduct such training - now it is ready "right away". Additionally, no need to rent equipment or land allows you to generate savings.

VR technology limited the number of trainers necessary to conduct the training. Thanks to this solution, the costs that would have to be spent on paying the appropriate trainer are reduced.

Varied offer - thanks to training in VR technology, EHS Consulting has a richer offer that it can offer during occupational health and safety, First Aid and fire protection training, which makes them more attractive on the market and acquires more customers.

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Information obtained thanks to an interview with Ms. Agnieszka Kuźmicka, CEO of EHS Consulting. You can learn more about EHS Consulting on their website ---> Comprehensive occupational health and safety and fire protection services in Warsaw | occupational health and safety training | first aid ( )

Agnieszka Kuźmicka



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