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How VR changed the future of training at the MAXPOL occupational health and safety education facility


Recently we had the pleasure of talking to Mrs. Karolina Rajmund -

training specialist at MAXPOL. Why did MAXPOL decide to use VR technology in occupational health and safety training and what problems did VR training solve in the company? We invite you to read the Case Study!

safety training

What does Maxpol do?

Maxpol is an occupational health and safety education institution that provides a number of training and consulting services. Its offer includes numerous services , including : : initial occupational health and safety training, periodic occupational health and safety training - for all professional groups, fire protection, evacuation with fire extinguishing, first aid, VR, SEP and qualification courses - UDT. It has been operating on the market for 25 years.

What did occupational health and safety training look like in your company before the introduction of VR technology?

(Karolina Rajmund): Health and safety training before the introduction of VR technology was conducted mainly in the form of multimedia presentations or lectures, sometimes also in the form of practical demonstrations. Although there were no great difficulties in transferring knowledge, sometimes there was a lack of involvement of participants. Traditional training lacked interaction, opportunities to practice activities, and therefore - full involvement of participants.


Where did the idea to use VR technology in training come from and why did your company decide to use this solution?

(Karolina Rajmund): As a company, we want to develop and move forward with all technological innovations. That's why we thought about VR glasses. Thanks to the introduction of VR technology, it was possible to create more interactive, attractive and engaging health and safety training. Participants can now literally move into a simulated work environment, practice various scenarios and gain practical experience, which significantly improves the effectiveness of the knowledge transferred. Additionally, thanks to VR technology, you can quickly and effectively conduct training at any place and time, which also positively affects its effectiveness. Thanks to VR glasses, it is possible to conduct virtual training and practical simulations that are more engaging and effective than traditional forms of education. Additionally, thanks to this technology, training costs can be reduced because it eliminates the need to organize and transport participants. The idea to use VR glasses for training appeared because we decided that such an innovative form of education would be a response to the needs of the market and would allow the company to stand out. Thanks to the commitment and creativity of all team members, we managed to implement this idea and introduce modern training solutions based on VR technology. We want to use the latest and most effective learning methods, which is why we are constantly looking for solutions that will allow us, our partners and clients to develop and achieve even greater success. That's why we decided to use VR technology, which allows for realistic and interactive educational experiences.


Maxpol Placówka Kształcenia BHP bought 4 pieces of Meta Quest goggles and purchased the Professional package, which entitles you to have all applications.

occupational health and safety vr training


What problems has virtual reality solved in your company?

(Karolina Rajmund): Virtual reality has solved many problems related to traditional training methods, such as:

1. No access to real, expensive or dangerous environments - thanks to VR, you can simulate various scenarios and environments, e.g. medical training or simulations of crisis situations, without having to expose participants to risk.

2. No interaction with real objects or people - virtual reality allows interaction with objects and other participants in a realistic way, which improves the effectiveness of the training.

3. Difficulty remembering information - thanks to the immersive nature of VR, information provided during training is easier for participants to remember and understand.

What are the benefits of using VR technology in your company?

(Karolina Rajmund):The benefits of using virtual reality during training include:

1. Increasing participant involvement - thanks to realistic scenarios, participants are more engaged and motivated to learn.

2. Increasing effectiveness - virtual reality training is more interactive and engaging, thanks to which participants acquire new skills and knowledge faster.

3. Safety - thanks to virtual reality simulations, participants can practice skills in a safe environment, eliminating the risk of being exposed to danger in the real world.

4. Thanks to virtual simulations, users can practice appropriate behavior in emergency situations, which helps minimize the risk of accidents and equipment damage .

Thanks to the use of VR glasses, it is possible to conduct fire protection training, which includes , among others : the ability to extinguish a fire, evacuate a company, evacuate a skyscraper by jumping from a burning building, provide First Aid at home, in a factory or even in the subway. Working at heights, including checking harnesses, is also fun. LOCKOUT/ TAGOUT is another great way to provide information about following safety procedures related to locking and marking machines or devices before maintenance, repair or other maintenance work. The app can also help you improve your skills in performing inspection and monitoring procedures, which helps improve overall work efficiency and safety. In addition, the glasses allow you to simulate many other threats, all using only a piece of floor.

To sum up, virtual reality solves many problems related to traditional training methods and brings many benefits, improving the quality and efficiency of the education process.

occupational health and safety vr training

You can learn more about Maxpol on their website: OHS TRAINING - MAXPOL ( )

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