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Expert Opinion of Waldemar Pruss - Social prevention using VR


At the beginning of the year, we had the pleasure of sending goggles with access to our applications to Mr. Waldemar Pruss - a former fire brigade officer, current editor-in-chief of the portal and author of the book "Strażak. "Life in constant action"

Mr. Waldemar was initially skeptical about the use of VR technology in fire protection training. Several people from our team arranged a meeting with Mr. Waldemar to explain what our applications are and how the Volunteer Fire Department, State Fire Service and other companies and institutions use our solution. We talked about our company and the fact that some of the founders also worked in the Fire Service and the idea for the applications resulted from our experience in fire protection training and the fact that, in our opinion, there was a lack of training tools on the market that could realistically show the threats of fires and provide the ability to survive a dangerous situation in a safe and non-life-threatening environment. Mr. Waldemar received Meta Quest goggles from us with access to all training applications. In particular, we recommended trying training courses such as: Jumping on a chute or escaping from a burning building. What opinion does Mr. Waldemar Pruss currently have about our training? We encourage you to read the article available on the website - this is a comprehensive expert opinion.

Link to the article: exploitac-wirtualna-rzeczywistosc-w-prewencja-spolecznej?fbclid=IwAR2kuQVUP1ZUdbYnOoV2gTG26DIl12txhjmspurmpyN3--44Qkbbd4Gy-VM

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