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European Football Championship - how to react in emergency situations?

The European Football Championships will begin in just a few weeks and will gather thousands of fans in the stadiums. This is an exciting event, but also a time of increased attention to safety. How to behave in the event of an emergency at the stadium? Learn some tips to keep in mind.

  • Take necessary medications with you. If you or a loved one takes medications, make sure you have the appropriate dose with you.

  • Make sure your children are safe. Keep your eyes on them, arrange a meeting point with them in case of separation and provide ear protection if necessary.

  • Be alert and observe your surroundings. Pay attention to people who feel unwell or are behaving unusually.

  • Take a hat and sunscreen with you. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause overheating and sunstroke.

  • Drink a lot of water. This is especially important on hot days when dehydration is easy.

  • Avoid crowds and aggressive behavior. In the event of riots or panic, try to remain calm and leave the scene.

  • In case of an emergency, don't panic. Act quickly and decisively.

  • Call for help. Call the emergency number 112 or go to the nearest medical point.

  • Provide first aid. Try to help the injured person until the emergency services arrive.

  • Don't make the work of emergency services difficult. Follow their instructions and do not obstruct their access to the injured person.

  • Have fun safely and support your team!

The championship is a unique event, but let's remember that safety is the most important thing. By following these simple rules, we can help ourselves and other fans in the event of an emergency.

First aid at the stadium – for every fan

First aid knowledge is not only the responsibility of medical services or trainers. This is a skill that can save your life, that of your loved ones and even of strangers. Don't wait for someone else to react - gain knowledge and be ready to act!

VR training – save lives in a virtual stadium

To meet the needs of fans, we have created first aid training in VR technology. Thanks to the application, you will be transported to a virtual stadium where a dramatic scenario will unfold right before your eyes - the goalkeeper's cardiac arrest. Your task will be to respond immediately: perform (BLS) and (AED) in accordance with European standards, as well as create a protective wall, isolating the actions of rescuers from onlookers.

Why is it worth taking advantage of our training?

  • Realistic scenario: A virtual stadium and realistic simulations of emergency situations will provide you with invaluable experience in responding to crisis moments.

  • Practical skills: You will learn how to perform (BLS) and (AED) correctly, thereby saving lives.

  • Compatibility with phantoms: The application works with any phantom available on the market, giving you the opportunity to exercise in conditions close to real ones.

Take care of yours and your loved ones' safety - be a conscious fan!

We encourage all fans to take advantage of our training and gain knowledge in first aid at the stadium. Remember that in a crisis situation, your reaction can save a life!

Our first aid applications have already been used for training , among others : younger players of the Legia Warszawa team.

Free application tests

Get your company free application tests - fill out the form and receive VR goggles for a one-week free trial period - after that period you will decide whether you will stay with VR applications for longer -

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