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Application update - Work at height, Lockout Tagout

To meet the expectations of our customers, we actively listen to their opinions and regularly strive to improve the available updates. We would also like to inform you that last week we announced to our customers an upcoming update that will be rolled out on March 1 at 15:30.

Changes in the update include:

Fixed issue with downloading the same app multiple times - this issue has been identified and resolved.

Increased app download speeds - Improvements to the download process aim to reduce waiting times.

Minor fixes in the application menu - adjustments have been made to improve navigation.

In addition, each application will receive individual aesthetic and functional improvements that are intended to improve the overall user experience. Detailed information on these changes will be provided in subsequent communications.


Changes to the application will take place in stages. On March 1 at 15:30, the Work at Height and Lockout Tagout applications will be updated.

What can we expect from the updates?

Working at height:

  • During the vertical system review, a seal was added for inspection.

  • At the hinged door at the top of the tank, we have added an additional step that must be taken for safe entry and exit - by attaching yourself to an additional belay.

  • Additionally, during the descent, interaction with a clamp that can get blocked has been added.

  • Changed so that the hooks are connected to the safety cable after entering the platform.

  • When creating an evacuation point, the readability of interactions has been improved and a few changes have been made to setting it up.

  • Fire truck added.

Lockout Tagout:

Changes for Lesson 3:

  • Hints in the form of highlights when installing locks have been removed.

  • The lecturers were also changed

  • The icons next to the hand that show the collected items have been enlarged.

  • The sequence after the accident was shortened.

Please download the update to make using the application as effective as possible and in line with the latest standards. These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality solutions to our business customers.

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