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All ~50 min

one part~10 min

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Specialized occupational health and safety training for administrative and office employees

Created with Administrative Office Workers in mind, the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) application "Ergonomics" is invaluable support for companies concerned about the health and safety of their employees in office environments. What impact does prolonged sitting have on health? How to adjust the workstation to the requirements of modern ergonomics? Unfortunately, an improperly adjusted workstation and prolonged sitting can lead to serious health consequences and decreased employee engagement in the workplace. Neck, back, and spine pain are common complaints among office workers. However, the effects of improper working positions are more extensive. According to WHO data, sitting ranks fourth in the world's leading causes of death. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure an ergonomic work environment. Improving ergonomic practices can significantly reduce the risk of health problems and increase comfort and efficiency in performing daily tasks. Our VR application, based on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, offers comprehensive solutions for the issue of non-ergonomic workspaces in offices. "Ergonomics" is specifically tailored to the needs of administrative office workers. Combined with other applications, it forms an indispensable set of OHS training necessary in every company.

Ergonomic sight
Ergonomic work space
Ergonomic human

Where will Ergonomics training in virtual reality be useful?


On-the-job training manual


Periodic occupational health and safety training


Occupational health and safety thematic instructions


Initial occupational health and safety training

Training program

The training consists of 5 independent modules

Module time ~ 10 minutes

Training time ~ 50 minutes



Hazards of sedentary work

The impact of sitting position on health

  • Thanks to augmented reality (AR), a virtual person appears in our room. In this part of the application, we will learn about the threats resulting from sedentary work. In the application we use an anatomical model of a human being, thanks to the precise mapping of the muscles, circulatory system and structure of the human body, we can observe what changes occur during sedentary work. Our task is to find threats and perform preventive exercises with the help of a virtual trainer.


Ergonomic workstation

  • In this part of the application, we use augmented reality which allows us to adapt your desk to the requirements of modern ergonomics. The task is to adapt virtual objects to the real elements of our desk. As a result of the game, we will receive feedback on how to improve our work environment.


  • The application takes us on a fascinating journey through the virtual world, where we will learn about the history of man in the aspect of sitting. among others We will go back to the era of dinosaurs, we will be in the Middle Ages until modern times. A picturesque and interesting journey thanks to virtual reality will allow us to experience an extremely interesting and educational story.


Active workplace

  • Using our application, you can place a virtual desk to work in a standing position, eliminating the need to purchase new furniture. Just put on the glasses to see your room in virtual reality and our virtual standing desk. Thanks to augmented reality, we can easily present how this desk will look in your office or home. But that's not all - after setting up the desk, you will learn the rules of working in a standing position. Our virtual trainer will introduce you to the aspects of standing work, discuss its advantages and help you smoothly transition from sitting to standing.

Mobilization training

  • A virtual trainer will appear in your room and you will perform mobilization exercises with him. The exercises are wireless using household items.

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Safety Day

Organize safety days in virtual reality


We offer initial and periodic health and safety training with the possibility of obtaining a certificate


Follow the instructions at any time


Training tailored to employees of each industry

Team Building

Use VR technology for team building and collaboration

Diversification of Training

Add variety to your training with a variety of scenarios

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