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working at height

Working at Height

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All ~50 min

one part~10 min


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Specialized training for companies

Working at height

The "Working at Height" training is one of many specialized occupational health and safety applications available on our platform. Our comprehensive set of occupational health and safety training is an essential tool for companies whose employees perform particularly hazardous work. Accident statistics clearly show that working at height requires special attention and appropriate knowledge. How to avoid an employee falling? How to evacuate when an employee is in a dangerous situation? The answer is our innovative VR training, which not only minimizes risk, but also provides unforgettable experiences and significant knowledge, becoming a key tool for conducting occupational health and safety training.

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Where will training in working at heights in virtual reality be useful?


On-the-job training manual


Periodic occupational health and safety training


Occupational health and safety thematic instructions


Initial occupational health and safety training

What problems does VR training in working at heights solve?

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Training program

The training consists of 4 independent modules.

Time of one module - 10 minutes


Inspection and selection of equipment for working at heights

  • Harnesses - Daily inspection to identify damage.

  • Harnesses - attachment points and harness construction.

  • Shock absorber - Daily inspection, identification of damage.

  • Self-locking devices - Daily inspection, identification of damage.


Horizontal and vertical protection systems

  • Organization of work, securing the workplace.

  • Protection of tools and equipment against falls from height.

  • Principles of using belaying in the vertical and horizontal system.

  • Principles of setting up positions on fixed anchor points and on structural elements

  • Moving with the use of lunges (clipping) on fixed anchor points or belay systems,

  • Moving with the use of self-locking/self-locking devices


Fall from height

During the training, the trainee must build 6 positions and select the appropriate PPE, each of the 6 attempts ends with a fall from height.


Evacuation from heights

  • Organization of the rescue operation.

  • Securing the worker conducting the rescue operation.

  • Equipment for conducting an evacuation action.

  • Exercises on conducting an evacuation action.

Join the innovators

A platform used by many small and large businesses, including:
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Sefety Day 

Organize safety days in virtual reality


We offer initial and periodic health and safety training with the possibility of obtaining a certificate


Follow the instructions at any time


Training tailored to employees of each industry

Team Building

Use VR technology for team building and collaboration

Diversification of Training

Add variety to your training with a variety of scenarios

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