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Our Skillsive platform

The platform is used to manage applications, generate reports, and perform personalization
The platform is available at


VR headset management

Thanks to the platform, you know which goggles displayed a specific application at what time. You can name the goggles, remotely see if they are online and remotely turn on and reset applications.
The platform is available via the website, so you can check what is happening with the goggles at any time.
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Reports and analyst

Thanks to the platform, you have access to all data regarding the course of the application
  • Identification of employees
  • Application results
  • Results of individual tasks
  • Generate summary reports
  • Integration with LMS systems
  • Leader Board - gamification for employees
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Personalization of the application for the company

As part of the platform, you can personalize the application with selected application elements for free. Personalization are available in a different range and in different applications. For example, in the fire protection application, we can change the view outside the window, logo on the wall, meeting point and others. You take a photo with your phone and add it to the application.


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