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BLS AED in the Factory

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Traning 15 min

Test 10 min


AI Voice Recognition




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Handtracking 2.0.

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Play area  2x2m 


Application description:

The application consists of two parts:

TRAINING -   During training  wirtualny trainer guides us through the cardiac arrest resuscitation procedure. The whole action takes place on the premises of the plant. During the training, we use  automatic Lifeline defibrillator.(in COVID-19   we use Philips AED)   Our task is to assess consciousness, breathing, notify emergency services, conduct resuscitation using AED. Virtual characters help us during the training. We have to give specific orders to react to our voice. (AI speech recognition function)


TEST- We have full freedom to choose how we will save lives. At the very beginning, there are threats to the rescuer and the injured person. To make the game more difficult, each time we restart the game, one of the 3 threats is drawn at random. Thanks to this approach, each test is different and requires specific action from the user. In addition, during the game, virtual characters appear that disturb us. During the game, we have to monitor the surroundings on an ongoing basis, conduct CPR and talk to witnesses of the incident. Only joint activities will help us save our lives. At the end of the test, we get a summary of our activities.


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