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Samuela Jurkowska
Thanks to EHS VR, our trainings receive the best marks in employee surveys compared to all other onboarding training
Justyna Kalinowska
ULMA Construction | Chief health and safety specialist
EHS VR applications test employees' knowledge and break the barrier to applying knowledge in practice
Łukasz Mróz
SANDOZ | HSE Manager
There is no comparison for eLearning, webinars or even in-class training. EHS VR is a new quality of training
Paweł Rudo
HASPE | Owner
In our training company, we focus on the best solutions on the market and EHS VR provides such solutions
Bartosz Suski
Suski company | Owner
We have been using EHS VR almost from the beginning. This makes our training even more effective. This is the basis for the functioning of a modern training company
Artur Tadpole
EHS VR is an indispensable tool for training support. In several cases, the system also helped us train people from different parts of the world
Customers EHS VR BHP Klienci

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