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Meta Quest has restored support for screen casting with Chromecast

meta quest 3 chromecast

The discontinuation of the Chromecast screen casting feature mainly occurred for Quest 3 devices that were updated to v60. It's worth noting that this change mainly affected the Quest 3 main account and other accounts, while many Quest 2 devices still had this feature.

For Meta Quest users, the ability to share their virtual reality experiences on their TV screen has always been a highly appreciated feature. This practical feature leverages Google Chromecast technology, allowing users to experience a virtual world together. Unfortunately, over the past year, Meta has gradually phased out this Chromecast screen casting feature from the Meta Quest 3, much to the disappointment of many users. This function was very popular. However, it seems that Meta has responded to the feedback from its customers and decided to bring back this screencasting feature appreciated by players. Now users can once again directly cast their Quest view to Chromecast or other Google Cast-enabled devices. Nevertheless, on the official website Meta still emphasizes that the degree of compatibility is not perfect.

We remind you that Chromecast is one of the image transfer options. Instructions on how to use Chromecast and other alternatives are described in our previous post.

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