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Do health and safety training that no one will forget

EHS VR is a platform with ready-made applications in virtual reality technology in the field of occupational health and safety, first aid, fire protection and specialized, with which you can effectively train employees and significantly improve the quality of training.
If you are looking for effective, modern and powerful training tools, try it now.

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Test at your company

Apps are available for Oculus Quest 3, Oculus Quest 2 i Oculus Quest Pro . We can provide a VR headset for demo. Just let us know and we will adjust timing. Testing headset is available within Europe at the moment.

Use ready-made applications during your training. Choose the right app for your training topic and start strengthening your company's safety culture.
EHS VR provides a platform where you can find ready-made VR applications supporting training and functions for monitoring and reporting the progress of employee learning.
Training in virtual reality is training similar to practical exercises, embedded in the real realities of the threat, in which the employee must demonstrate knowledge and skills.
Apps are available for Oculus Quest 3, Oculus Quest 2 i Oculus Quest Pro 


Increase the quality of your training

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VR applications available on the platform

We are constantly working on new applications. Every month there is a new application or an update to the existing ones.
  • First Aid BLS and AED VR

  • Fire training VR
  • VR Forklifts
  • Identification of hazards in production
  • First aid for burns
  • and other

Applications available in the following languages:

polish language
English language
German language
Turkish language
Ukrainian language
Hebrew language

Reports and analyst

As part of the platform, you always have access to data in which you can check who and when was trained using the application, what results they achieved, and additional functions for managing goggles and applications, e.g. the ability to personalize the application for the company.


  • Check employee performance
  • Generate reports on training sessions
  • Free app personalization
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ehs vr why opinion

Why is it worth using VR in training?

by PwC research report, VR Study 2020


Learn employees faster



Employees are more confident in implementing new knowledge
in practice



More engaged employees during training


Employees are more focused
Always the same substantive level of training
You know exactly what progress your employees are making

Find out about the opinions of companies that have trusted us

Check why so many companies love EHS VR and how our applications help them train their employees
Klienci o nas
Samuela Jurkowska
Thanks to EHS VR, our trainings receive the best marks in employee surveys compared to all other onboarding training
Justyna Kalinowska
ULMA Construction | Chief health and safety specialist
EHS VR applications test employees' knowledge and break the barrier to applying knowledge in practice
Łukasz Mróz
SANDOZ | HSE Manager
There is no comparison for eLearning, webinars or even in-class training. EHS VR is a new quality of training
Paweł Rudo
HASPE | Owner
In our training company, we focus on the best solutions on the market and EHS VR provides such solutions
Bartosz Suski
Suski company | Owner
We have been using EHS VR almost from the beginning. This makes our training even more effective. This is the basis for the functioning of a modern training company
Artur Tadpole
EHS VR is an indispensable tool for training support. In several cases, the system also helped us train people from different parts of the world

Join the innovators

A platform used by many small and large businesses, including:

They write about us:

EHS VR Partner
EHS VR Partner
EHS VR Partner
EHS VR Partner
Oculus quest 2 ehs vr

What do you need to get started?

Our applications work on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 goggles. You can find these goggles at popular electronic distributors.
Goggles with 64GB memory are enough.
Create a free account on our platform and use free applications


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